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CSR: 50 Medals for Moldova in This World Sporting Event. Turcan Cazac Co-Sponsors the Moldovan Team.


2 May 2013

It is for the 2nd consecutive year that Turcan Cazac co-sponsors the Moldovan Jiu-Jitsu Team in the annual World Kempo Championship.

The 10th IKF World Kempo Championship was held during 22-28 April 2013 in Antalya, Turkey and over 500 fighters from 40 countries participated in the event. 

The Moldovan Jiu-Jitsu Federation put together a team of 27 fighters to compete in four Fighting Kempo versions:

  • Kempo Submission (jiu-jitsu/grappling*/no strikes)
  • Semi-contact fighting (karate/no submission)
  • Full-contact mixed fight (wearing boxing gloves)
  • Knockdown mixed fight (Pankration**/empty hands)

After 3 days of intense competition, the Moldovan team became the 2nd best team in the Kempo Fighting division, bringing home a total of 50 medals, including:

  • 15 gold medals
  • 12 silver medals
  • 23 bronze medals

Roman Babii, Vice-President of the Moldovan Jiu-Jitsu Federation (pictured above, thrown in the air by the celebrating team):

"We are very thankful to the Turcan Cazac law firm for the administrative and financial support of our team.  We did great in Kempo World 2012.  We showed excellent results in the recent European Jiu-Jitsu Championship held in Serbia in March 2013.  Our team came in second in Kempo World 2013.  Our natural ambition is to become first in Kempo World 2014."

Alexander Turcan, managing partner of the Turcan Cazac law firm:

"We are extremely pleased with these results.  I do not know any other sport where Moldovans are so successful at the world level as jiu-jitsu.  The reason we support the Moldovan jiu-jitsu is because, spiritually, it is probably the closest sport to private lawyering.  We also have great faith in the team leader, Sensei Roman Babii, who is an extremely professional, dedicated and well-respected coach - a true coach of champions.  We will support these fighters on future sporting occasions.  They are true ambassadors of Moldova.  They do not just bring the Moldovan flag to a competition.  They make sure this flag is raised as many times as their physique and technique allows."





* Grappling is a non-striking hybrid sport formed of wrestling, jiu jitsu, sambo, and many other submission fighting styles which consists in applying submission holds and choking techniques in order to make the opponent abandon the fight. Grappling plays an important role in the practice of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and is considered an effective form of self-defense.


** Pankration, from the Greek words "Pan" and "Kratos" meaning "the one who controls everything", is a world heritage martial art with the unique distinction of being the only martial sport in existence today that can legitimately trace its roots to the ancient Olympic Games from 648 BC to 393 AD. Today, Pankration is developed by FILA (International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles) as a mild form of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), which forbids striking to the head.