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2019 Partner Promotions

L-R: Octavian Cazac, Ana Galus, Mariana Stratan, Vadim Taigorba, Iulia Furtuna, Alexander Turcan


Effective 1 January 2019, the firm's lawyers Mariana Stratan, Iulia Furtuna, Ana Galus and Vadim Taigorba were promoted to partner.

Alexander Turcan: "Our firm is turning 20 years in the coming months. It is an important age for a firm that is only a few years younger than the country where it was established. This promotion comes at an important time for our firm, and it emphasizes how great our colleagues are. We are very happy for them."

Octavian Cazac: "We pride ourselves that all four new partners are pure "home bread" in that they started their legal career in our law firm. They were exposed to a myriad of interesting and challenging projects, and demanding partners and clients - and they made it to the top. Each new partner of our gender-balanced partnership is outstanding in its respective area of expertise and provides valuable assistance to our clients."

The bios of the new partners are here: new partner bios