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From monasteries to renowned wine cellars, from vast green landscapes and rolling hills to diverse villages and peasant traditions, Moldova cannot but surprise and marvel.

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One of the most important ways that we contribute is through legal services. Pro bono work is representative of our mission as advocates of reform in Moldova. We select complex and impactful cases that are undeniable game-changers.

Notable Project: Defending a low-income family in an unprecedented dispute with authorities and seeking to prevent the eviction of the defendants from their home of over 20 years.

Over 250 hours of work have been invested in the project in 2013. The dispute is ongoing. However, the team has managed to place the eviction on hold for the time being.

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Each year, Turcan Cazac also donates over 1000 hours of pro bono work to a range of organizations, including the American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova, Moldovan Bar Association and Young Lawyers Association, European Business Association in Moldova, CIS Competition Support Association, etc.

The firm coordinates - a network of 200+ Moldovan pro bono lawyers.


Charitable Giving and Sponsorship 2012-2014

Giving at Turcan Cazac has developed out of the initiative of our team members who find and propose ways to give back and who cherish the possibility to personally interact with those in need. Our team believes in transparent contributions, with clear results, that strengthen, encourage and raise awareness.

Notable Project: Co-sponsoring the Moldovan Jiu-Jitsu Team at the world championships in 2012 and 2013. In 2013, the team placed second and brought home an impressive number of 50 medals.

"These fighters are true ambassadors of Moldova. They make sure the Moldovan flag is raised as many times as their physique and technique allows"as pointed out by Alexander Turcan.

Pictured: The Moldovan team at the IKF World Kempo Championship, held in April 2013 in Antalya, Turkey and counting over 500 fighters from 40 countries.


Other Contributions in 2013-2014

  • Amcham Book for the Ages campaign, aimed at children in villages. Link to website
  • Save the Life charity donations for infants in need of urgent surgery. Link to website
  • Charitable organization "Moldova Magica" collections and visits of veterans and children with disabilities. Link to website
  • Yearly Christmas Collection Project coordinated by Amcham Moldova. Link to website
  • Christian Youth Portal's Easter charitable collection. Link to website

Pictured: Associate Olga Saveliev during a visit to the specialized boarding school in Orhei. Photo courtesy of


Mentorship and Education 2012-2014

  • The summer and winter schools for young entrepreneurs, organized by the European Business Association in Moldova.  Link to news post
  • Vladimir Palamarciuc to contribute to the Diamond Challenge Program for High School Entrepreneurs. Link to website
  • Octavian Cazac - trainer of seminar for Moldovan judges and prosecutors, as well as of various seminars for Moldovan lawyers.  Link to news post
  • Alexander Turcan, Vladimir Palamarciuc help create the first guide for trainee lawyers in Moldova.  Link to news post
  • Alexander Turcan co-authors handbook for advocates on professional liability.  Link to news post
  • Octavian Cazac co-authors chapter "The Compensation of Moral Damages" in the 2nd edition of the Supreme Court of Justice's handbook for jusdges in civil cases.
  • Octavian Cazac authors the Civil Law module of "Curriculum for Continuing Education for Lawyers" developed by the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative in Moldova.
  • Alexander Turcan, Vladimir Palamarciuc contribute to the Justice Sector Reform, including the accession to the lawyer profession.  Link to news post

  • Vladimir Palamarciuc contributes to the review and amendment of the Insolvency Law, as part of the Ministry of Economy working group. 
  • Vladimir Palamarciuc coordinates the project of enhancing the administrative capacity of Moldova's Bar Association via model practices from the US.  Link to news post
  • Moldovan Bar Association "Open Doors Day" - providing free legal advice - on the European Lawyers' Day of December 10.